GoIndustry DoveBid Online Auctions Help Dealers with Excess Assets

Auto Dealers: Don’t Try to 'Go' It Alone

GoIn­dus­try Dove­Bid is a lead­ing provider of asset man­age­ment ser­vices. If sur­plus or idle assets are no longer need­ed, we can help you under­stand what they are worth, whether they can be re-deployed else­where in your orga­ni­za­tion, and if not, sell them at auc­tion on your behalf.

GoIn­dus­try Dove­Bid pro­vides a range of ser­vices to meet the asset man­age­ment and dis­po­si­tion needs of our clients in logis­tics, trans­porta­tion, con­struc­tion, min­ing, and avi­a­tion com­pa­nies. With award-win­ning sales chan­nels includ­ing our reg­u­lar month­ly online auc­tions — clients can sell their sur­plus assets such as exca­va­tors, mobile cranes, step vans, trucks, box vans, etc.

We pro­vide cus­tom solu­tions that allow clients to proac­tive­ly con­front cur­rent eco­nom­ic and indus­try chal­lenges.

In the past two decades, we have con­duct­ed in excess of 20,000 sales and online auc­tion events. Find out more about upcom­ing auc­tions and sales.

GoIn­dus­try Dove­Bid approach­es the mar­ket with three dis­tinct advan­tages. First, we have sig­nif­i­cant glob­al reach so we are able to pro­vide these ser­vices wher­ev­er they are need­ed. Sec­ond, most of our busi­ness is online, mak­ing it more effi­cient and con­ve­nient for both buy­ers and sell­ers whether it’s for a sin­gle piece of equip­ment or a whole pro­duc­tion line. Third, our knowl­edge of the mar­ket across mul­ti­ple indus­try sec­tors is unsur­passed. Since 2000, we have col­lect­ed infor­ma­tion gath­ered from auc­tions all over the world, num­ber­ing over 1500 in 2007 alone. We lever­age this rich data on a dai­ly basis through accu­rate val­u­a­tions and appraisals for the ben­e­fit of all our cus­tomers.

Get the Go-Opti­mize® Advan­tage

GoIn­dus­try DoveBid’s sur­plus asset man­age­ment pro­gram Go-Opti­mize is a com­pre­hen­sive set of ser­vices work­ing togeth­er that will allow a client to sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly iden­ti­fy, rede­ploy or dis­pose of sur­plus assets. This invest­ment recov­ery pro­gram includes three key com­po­nents: asset appraisal, asset rede­ploy­ment and asset remar­ket­ing to

  • Rede­ploy assets and reduce CAPEX
  • Con­vert asset val­ue to cash
  • A high pay­back, self-fund­ing pro­gram
  • One sin­gle glob­al trans­par­ent process
  • Lever­age the exper­tise of the indus­try lead­ers

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion on sur­plus assets sales, vis­it GoIn­dus­try Dove Bid or con­tact us at customerservice@go-dove.com. Read the full arti­cle on auc­tion ser­vices here.



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