Car Care Council Simplifies Green for Car Owners

The Car Care Coun­cil has issued sug­gest­ed prac­tices for car own­ers who want to hon­or Earth Day, and to address Ker­mit the frog’s dilem­ma that it ain’t easy being green. There are some sim­ple steps that can be tak­en to meet these goals….

  1. Keep your car longer and lim­it the num­ber of cars you buy over the course of a life­time. These cars are much bet­ter made than they were 20 years ago, giv­ing car own­ers access to reli­able ser­vice, few­er car pay­ments, and low­er insur­ance rates.
  2. Of course, this means that prop­er care must be giv­en to that old­er car. Car Care Coun­cil advis­es tak­ing a few steps:
    1. Per­form­ing reg­u­lar tune ups can extend its life and improve fuel effi­cien­cy.
    2. Oth­er good ones – keep­ing tires prop­er­ly inflat­ed, reg­u­lar replace­ment of air fil­ters, reg­u­lar oil changes, check­ing your gas cap.
  3. Get into recy­cling – recy­cle or prop­er­ly dis­pose of motor oil, tires, bat­ter­ies, flu­ids, and oth­er vehi­cle com­po­nents.  This requires stay­ing cur­rent on your municipality’s require­ments – such as going to cer­ti­fied ser­vice garages and dis­pos­ing of used parts and flu­ids at spe­cif­ic loca­tions.
  4. What about get­ting your engine reman­u­fac­tured or rebuilt? There are a lot of busi­ness­es in the US active in pro­vid­ing these ser­vices. You may be fac­ing seri­ous engine trou­ble, but want to keep that reli­able car. Going this route could be cost effec­tive. The Car Care Coun­cil release cites a reli­able organization’s web­site for research­ing avail­able ser­vice providers.
  5. Car Care Coun­cil is pro­vid­ing a free cus­tomized ser­vice sched­ule to make it easy being green, dri­ving smart, and sav­ing mon­ey.

Source: Car Care Coun­cil



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