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By Xtime

Do It Yourself:10 Easy Steps to Design­ing and Deploy­ing Your Own Mar­ket­ing Cam­paigns

If you’re a do-it-your­self type of per­son and are eager to get start­ed, here’s a step-by-step guide to, cre­at­ing your own mar­ket­ing cam­paign.

For the first cam­paign, we rec­om­mend a “Wel­come to Online Sched­ul­ing” email telling cus­tomers that they can now book appoint­ments online, 24/7, from any com­put­er or smart phone.

Step 1: Get­ting Start­ed
Log onto Ser­vice­CRM, click the “Cam­paigns” tab. You’ll see four tabs: Cam­paigns, Tasks, Scripts and Task Assign­ment.

Step 2: Cre­ate Your Cam­paign

To add a new cam­paign, click the “Cam­paigns” tab, and then the “New Cam­paign” link. This takes you to a screen where you can set cri­te­ria.

Step 3: Name Your Cam­paign
Call your first one “Wel­come Cam­paign.”

Step 4:  Choose the Cam­paign Type
Choose “Ser­vice Reminder” from the drop-down menu.

Click here for Steps 5 — 10 from the Experts at Xtime.



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