Online Dating a Better Sales and Service Message than Dental Appointments

Hyundai Motor Amer­i­ca CEO John Kraf­cik called the car-buy­ing expe­ri­ence “so tor­tu­ous,” that con­sumers would rather go to a den­tist appoint­ment than vis­it a car deal­er­ship a cou­ple years ago at an indus­try con­fer­ence. In that spir­it, recent­ly addressed these tough issues affect­ing deal­er sales and ser­vice at a two-day Hack­o­mo­tive brain­storm­ing ses­sion and con­test to rewrite the car-buy­ing and own­er­ship expe­ri­ence. More than 100 par­tic­i­pants from inside and out­side the auto indus­try par­tic­i­pat­ed to win thou­sands of award dol­lars. More than a half-dozen of the teams that pre­sent­ed ideas for improv­ing car buy­ing bor­rowed ideas from online dat­ing and match­mak­ing ser­vices. ”Most of the ideas con­veyed the theme that car shop­ping is not just about mak­ing a pur­chase but about cre­at­ing a trust-based rela­tion­ship,” said CEO Avi Stein­lauf.

The two win­ning teams each took home $10,000, and rec­om­mend­ed a process that used social media and oth­er input to match a car sales­per­son to an indi­vid­ual car shop­per based on shared inter­ests or a spe­cif­ic exper­tise. Some of the team names rep­re­sent­ed the inter­sec­tion between online dat­ing and car shop­ping – with Kar Match, eCar­mo­ny, Car Cupid and Car Match by Team Love-o-Mat­ic, being among them.



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