Off-Rental Units Surge but Softening Pattern Resuming, Kontos Said

Whole­sale prices rose sequen­tial­ly and on year-over-year basis in Jan­u­ary part­ly due to influx of off-rental units that biased aver­age prices upward, said Tom Kon­tos, Exec­u­tive VP, Cus­tomers Strate­gies & Ana­lyt­ics for ADESA Ana­lyt­i­cal Ser­vices.

Aver­age prices of off-rental units were biased upward, with a dis­pro­por­tion­ate share of late-mod­el used vehi­cles….

One can expect whole­sale prices to resume their gen­er­al soft­en­ing pat­tern that began around mid-2012 and that was inter­rupt­ed….

Whole­sale prices were up 2.5% over Decem­ber and 1.3% over Jan­u­ary 2012; the strongest price increas­es were reg­is­tered by….

Click here to read the entire Kon­tos Kom­men­tary report on the Jan­u­ary whole­sale and retail used vehi­cle mar­ket….



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