Hyundai Rolls off Industry’s First Assembly Line Production Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hyundai plans to build 1,000 ix35 Fuel Cell vehi­cles by 2015 for leas­ing to pub­lic and pri­vate fleets, pri­mar­i­ly in Europe. That should go well with the Euro­pean Union’s estab­lished hydro­gen road map that has ini­ti­at­ed con­struc­tion of hydro­gen fuel­ing sta­tions. The ix35 exit­ed the assem­bly line at Hyundai Motor’s Plant No. 5 dur­ing a launch event attend­ed by Hyundai top man­age­ment and VIPs.

While a few automak­ers have launched fuel cell vehi­cles (Hon­da and Mer­cedes) or are devel­op­ing one for launch (Toy­ota), this will be the first time that a hydro­gen fuel cell vehi­cle has gained assem­bly line pro­duc­tion. Automak­ers have to explain why they’re mak­ing major invest­ments into fuel cell tech­nol­o­gy when there are oth­er viable pow­er­train options out there. As for Hyundai…“With the ix35 Fuel Cell vehi­cle, Hyundai is lead­ing the way into the zero-emis­sions future,” said Hyundai Motor Vice Chair­man, Eok Jo Kim. “The ix35 Fuel Cell is the most eco-friend­ly vehi­cle in the auto indus­try and proves that hydro­gen fuel cell tech­nol­o­gy in dai­ly dri­ving is no longer a dream.”



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