How Dealers Are Facing their Biggest Challenges

As we report­ed last week in Deal­er Digest Dai­ly, read­ers took our sur­vey in the past month on their top man­age­ment issues. Results were pre­sent­ed from sur­vey respon­dents who rep­re­sent­ed own­ers, top exec­u­tives, gen­er­al man­agers, sales and inter­net man­agers, and ser­vice man­agers.

Dur­ing one por­tion of the sur­vey, read­ers were asked two open-end­ed ques­tions
What has been your dealership’s biggest chal­lenge late­ly?
How is your man­age­ment team deal­ing with this chal­lenge?

One deal­er exec­u­tive wants to bet­ter under­stand dig­i­tal media, and pro­vide an atmos­phere for staff to study and learn the lat­est offer­ings. In this age infor­ma­tion over­load, the chal­lenge has been help­ing the team use their time wise­ly and inte­grate tech­nol­o­gy that makes the most sense for that deal­er­ship and its cus­tomer base.

Inven­to­ry man­age­ment was anoth­er top­ic that showed in sur­vey results. For one deal­er, “Find­ing qual­i­ty inven­to­ry at a fair price” is the chal­lenge and “Search and watch con­di­tion reports” has been part of the solu­tion. For anoth­er deal­er, search­ing new inter­net solu­tions is how the chal­lenge is being addressed. Price com­pe­ti­tion for new and used vehi­cles was men­tioned by oth­er deal­ers.

“Keep­ing the sales momen­tum and adjust­ing inven­to­ry to meet var­ied cus­tomer demands,” was anoth­er response on this issue. Man­age­ment solu­tions, for this deal­er, have includ­ed adjust­ing and meet­ing sales fore­casts week­ly and cre­at­ing sales events to keep momen­tum mov­ing for­ward.



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