What Matters to Dealer Staff: Highlights from Dealer Digest Daily’s Reader Survey

Spe­cial thanks to Deal­er Digest Dai­ly read­ers for tak­ing a read­er sur­vey in the past month. It’s help­ing the DDD team refine its con­tent for arti­cles, and ask­ing the right ques­tions dur­ing inter­views.

Here are some the key take­aways from the sur­vey respon­dents, who rep­re­sent­ed own­ers, top exec­u­tives, gen­er­al man­agers, sales and inter­net man­agers, and ser­vice man­agers:

Mak­ing dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing work – how to effec­tive­ly stay informed, and under­stand­ing how to best use it
Man­ag­ing inven­to­ry and watch­ing used car con­di­tion reports, and vehi­cle sourc­ing chan­nels
Com­pe­ti­tion between new vs. used deal­ers; price com­pe­ti­tion for new vehi­cles and for used
Find­ing qual­i­ty peo­ple and keep­ing them trained; employ­ee reten­tion; hav­ing enough staff on the show­room floor
Work­ing with Cus­tomers that have low cred­it scores; sub­prime lend­ing
Keep­ing parts and ser­vice flow­ing well with trained ser­vice tech­ni­cians

Anoth­er ques­tion in the sur­vey asked about ways that deal­er­ship man­age­ment is using news and infor­ma­tion to meet their goals:

In what ways are you using auto indus­try news and infor­ma­tion?
Inform­ing col­leagues 73.9%
Gain­ing aware­ness and insight on indus­try trends 63%
Improv­ing sales and mar­ket­ing per­for­mance 56.5%
Team train­ing and devel­op­ment 52.2%
Strate­gic plan­ning for your deal­er­ship 50%
Cus­tomer rela­tion­ships and reten­tion 50%

Read­er open-end com­ments pro­vid­ed a lot of insight into the chal­lenges deal­er staff are fac­ing today, and solu­tions that they’re try­ing out. We’ll have cov­er­age of that next week in Deal­er Digest Dai­ly.



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