NY Mayor Pushes for EV Charge Parking Spaces

Green Car Reports - February 15, 2013

New York May­or Michael Bloomberg has switched gears, from soda pop lim­i­ta­tions to increas­ing charge park­ing spaces in his city.

Find out how Bloomberg plans to make it hap­pen.

NYC May­or Michael Bloomberg wants a fifth of all new park­ing spaces to be wired up for, and set aside for elec­tric vehi­cles.

Accord­ing to Trans­porta­tion Nation, Bloomberg’s pre­pared notes for Thursday’s State of the City address said elec­tric car spaces would be writ­ten into city build­ing codes.

“This year we’ll pilot curb­side vehi­cle charg­ers that will allow dri­vers to fill up their bat­tery in as lit­tle as 30 min­utes. We’ll work with the City Coun­cil to amend the Build­ing Code so that up to 20 per­cent of all new pub­lic park­ing spaces will be wired and ready for elec­tric vehi­cles.”

Zon­ing laws in the city require park­ing spaces to be built with every new building–typically, under or next to the build­ing.

10,000 spaces per year are cre­at­ed this way, and around a fifth of those may now be set aside for elec­tric cars. If the pro­pos­al goes ahead, over 10,000 new elec­tric vehi­cle spaces would be cre­at­ed over the next sev­en years.



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