Nissan Talks about the Benefits of Winning Dataium ASI Awards

Dataium recent­ly announced its first annu­al ASI™ (Auto­mo­tive Shop­per Inten­si­ty) Awards in 21 auto­mo­tive seg­ments. Auto­mo­tive Digest inter­viewed one of the mul­ti­ple win­ners – Nis­san – for more infor­ma­tion on what win­ning such an award means for an automak­er and its deal­er net­work. Vinay Sha­hani, Direc­tor, Mar­ket­ing Com­mu­ni­ca­tions & Media for Nis­san North Amer­i­ca, Inc., said that 2012 was a huge year for the com­pa­ny with new prod­uct launch­es and pow­er­ful mes­sag­ing. Nis­san and Infini­ti won three awards – the Nis­san 370Z took Com­pact Lux­u­ry Sports Car, the Nis­san Max­i­ma won Large Car, and the Infini­ti QX Series fin­ished first in Large Lux­u­ry Crossover SUV.

The ASI index pro­vides automak­ers with a com­pre­hen­sive fore­cast of con­sumer intent and shop­per inten­si­ty. Win­ning these awards pro­vides Nis­san with third par­ty val­i­da­tion that the com­pa­ny is offer­ing very good prod­ucts. Con­sumers are doing a lot of research these days, and win­ning these awards gives Nis­san good indi­ca­tion it’s going in the right direc­tion in dig­i­tal and inter­net mar­ket­ing, which is where cus­tomers are shop­ping now, Sha­hani said. In this dynam­i­cal­ly opti­mized envi­ron­ment, you have to pro­vide unique sell­ing points that con­sumers are look­ing for; for exam­ple, if it’s pric­ing data, you can now pro­vide it, he said.

To strength­en its dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing, Nis­san has pri­or­i­tized paid search behav­ioral tar­get­ing and third part auto­mo­tive sites. Mobile and tablet exe­cu­tion and con­quest­ing are part of the strat­e­gy. Win­ning the Dataium awards is a good sign that the mar­ket­ing tac­tics are work­ing well. “We’re thrilled to have won it, but don’t get to sit on our lau­rels,” Sha­hani said. Nissan’s cor­po­rate office and its deal­ers net­work are adding telling the sto­ry of win­ning these awards into the mar­ket­ing process. “We can talk about receiv­ing third-par­ty val­i­da­tion, and here’s why,” he said.

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