Millennials Must be Reached Through Mobile Devices

Media Post - February 14, 2013

If you aren’t reach­ing Mil­len­ni­als on mobile devices, you prob­a­bly aren’t reach­ing them at all, says eBay ana­lyst Clay­ton Stan­field.

Find out what Stan­field has to say to auto deal­ers.

Clay­ton Stan­field, senior man­ag­er of deal­er train­ing at eBay Motors and a for­mer deal­er­ship Inter­net sales man­ag­er him­self, says things are chang­ing when it comes to how deal­er­ships are han­dling prospects. “It used to be about turn­ing leads into show­room traf­fic, so you’d hold back infor­ma­tion to bring them to the show­room,” he says. “But I think because of dig­i­tal, con­sumers are so far down the pur­chase fun­nel when they reach out that all they want to do at the deal­er is take deliv­ery. ‘I don’t want to do all this research and then go to a deal­er­ship and take four hours there.’ ”

He adds that eBay Motors is in the process of teach­ing deal­ers not to force younger shop­pers into these cir­cum­stances, but to focus on con­ve­nience. “The main role now is to make the process as pain­less and enjoy­able as pos­si­ble. You become a con­sul­tant.”

They might want to speed up that learn­ing curve: results of a new con­sumer sur­vey from the online shop­ping and research site sug­gest that Mil­len­ni­als — about a quar­ter of the U.S. pop­u­la­tion — are going mobile to research, nar­row the field, and choose autos.




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