KBB: February New-Vehicle Sales Remain on Track

Alec Gutierrez, Kelley Blue Book

PR Newswire - February 26, 2013

As Feb­ru­ary draws to a close, auto­mo­tive ana­lysts try to pre­dict the out­come of sales for a month with a short­er num­ber of sell­ing days than the rest of the year.

Find out what KBB’s senior mar­ket ana­lyst Alec Gutier­rez fore­casts.

For the month of Feb­ru­ary, ana­lysts pre­dict sales will main­tain the momen­tum from the pre­vi­ous three months and hit 15.3 mil­lion sea­son­al­ly adjust­ed annu­al rate (SAAR), a 3.4 per­cent year-over-year improve­ment, accord­ing to Kel­ley Blue Book www.kbb.com, the lead­ing provider of new and used car infor­ma­tion. Although shy of the 14 per­cent annu­al gain the auto indus­try expe­ri­enced in Jan­u­ary, sales should improve more than 7 per­cent after adjust­ing for the num­ber of sell­ing days in Feb­ru­ary.

“Sim­i­lar to pre­vi­ous months, con­sumers will be lured to deal­er show­rooms by low finance rates, afford­able lease pay­ments, and most impor­tant­ly, new and com­pelling prod­uct,” said Alec Gutier­rez, senior mar­ket ana­lyst of auto­mo­tive insights for Kel­ley Blue Book. “As of Feb­ru­ary 1, approx­i­mate­ly 80 per­cent of new vehi­cles avail­able for sale were mod­el-year 2013, so con­sumers should have no prob­lem locat­ing a new­ly redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion, Hon­da Accord, Nis­san Alti­ma or Chevro­let Mal­ibu.”



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