J.D. Power Dependability Study Produces Surprises


USA Today - February 13, 2013

The lat­est J.D. Pow­er and Asso­ciates Vehi­cle Depend­abil­i­ty Study, which mea­sures prob­lems on three-year-old cars and trucks, is a valu­able resource for both deal­ers and car shop­pers.

Find out the results of the study just released.

Gen­er­al Motors makes the most-reli­able pick­ups. Lin­coln, strug­gling for its life, is as depend­able a brand as Toy­ota. And Detroit brands over­all are near­ly as depend­able as for­eign brands.

Prob­lems per 100 vehi­cles, aver­age for all mod­els:

• Lexus 71
• Porsche 94
• Lin­coln 112
• Toy­ota 112
• Mer­cedes-Benz 115
• Buick 118
• Hon­da 119
• Acu­ra 120
• Ram 122
• Suzu­ki 122
• Maz­da 124
• Chevro­let 125

Pow­er says that, for the first time, “all-new” and redesigned mod­els had few­er prob­lems when three years old than did unchanged mod­els. New or redesigned 2010 mod­els aver­aged 116 prob­lems per 100, while vehi­cles car­ried over more-or-less unchanged from 2009 aver­aged 133 prob­lems.




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