Automakers Fare Well In January

Detroit News - February 2, 2013

Big­ger was bet­ter for automak­ers as trucks, crossovers and SUVs drove sales to post-reces­sion highs that could con­tin­ue through 2013.

Get the facts and fig­ures on Jan­u­ary automak­er sales.

Ford Motor Co.‘s sales were up 21.7 per­cent to 165,863 cars and trucks, beat­ing ana­lyst expec­ta­tions. Chrysler Group LLC grew by 16.4 per­cent, on a vol­ume of 117,731 vehi­cles, and Gen­er­al Motors Co.‘s sales climbed 15.9 per­cent, rep­re­sent­ing 194,699 vehi­cles sold.

The big gain­er for the month, how­ev­er, was Toy­ota. Its Jan­u­ary sales of 157,725 rep­re­sent­ed a 26.6 per­cent jump over the same month in 2012.

Sales of Ford’s F-Series trucks rose 21.7 per­cent to 46,841. Sales of Chevrolet’s Sil­ver­a­do jumped 32.1 per­cent to 35,445, and GMC Sier­ra sales climbed 34.9 per­cent to 12,837.

Hon­da Motor Co.‘s U.S. sales rose 12.8 per­cent in Jan­u­ary to 93,626 vehi­cles.

Nis­san Motor Co. said sales increased 2 per­cent in Jan­u­ary, with 80,919 units.

Hyundai Motor America’s Jan­u­ary sales of 43,713 were a 2.4 per­cent gain, and an all-time record for the month. Kia Motors Amer­i­ca also report­ed a record Jan­u­ary, with sales of 36,302 vehi­cles, up 2.2 per­cent over the same peri­od in 2012.




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