CarGurus IDs Least and Most Expensive Car Shopping Markets

New York Times - February 18, 2013

Car shop­ping site Car­Gu­rus ana­lyzed about three mil­lion cars in large metro areas to see how prices var­ied. Mia­mi topped the list of “most afford­able” mar­kets, fol­lowed by Cleve­land; Rochester; and Detroit. The most expen­sive cities are Jack­son, Miss.; Seat­tle; Mont­gomery, Ala.; and Lit­tle Rock, Ark. The analy­sis found that the less-expen­sive mar­kets tend to be the most heav­i­ly pop­u­lat­ed urban areas, where there are more car deal­er­ships and thus more com­pe­ti­tion.



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