ATS White Paper on What Fleets Can Do About Traffic Violations


Park­ing and pho­to enforce­ment rep­re­sent more than 95% of the vehi­cle-issued vio­la­tion vol­ume impact­ing fleets, accord­ing to a new report from Amer­i­can Traf­fic Solu­tions. Typ­i­cal­ly, toll vio­la­tions com­prise the largest seg­ment at approx­i­mate­ly 56%, fol­lowed by park­ing tick­ets at about 22%, and final­ly, pho­to enforce­ment cita­tions, for actions such as red-light run­ning and speed­ing, at rough­ly 20%.
Vio­la­tion-relat­ed issues are becom­ing a more vis­i­ble dis­cus­sion top­ic in the fleet world as vio­la­tions are on the rise, dri­ven by cash­less elec­tron­ic toll col­lec­tion as well as advances in enforce­ment tech­nol­o­gy and prac­tices.

This white paper, “Traf­fic Vio­la­tions Are On The Rise: How Fleets Can Pre­pare,” seeks to pro­vide fleet man­agers with an under­stand­ing of the trends in vehi­cle-issued traf­fic vio­la­tions, as well as oppor­tu­ni­ties for sav­ing mon­ey and reduc­ing risk in deal­ing with these vio­la­tions.

Some fleets treat vehi­cle-issued vio­la­tions as a cost of doing busi­ness. For instance, many deliv­ery and util­i­ty fleets in urban areas, such as New York City, place a high­er val­ue on pro­vid­ing time­ly ser­vice than nego­ti­at­ing com­plex park­ing rules. Oth­er fleets seek to make dri­vers account­able for vio­la­tion-relat­ed costs. What most fleet man­agers seem to agree on is that vehi­cle-issued vio­la­tions present a cost­ly, bur­den­some prob­lem that could use bet­ter solu­tions.

Click here to view the web­site and down­load the white paper PDF.


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