A Tip of the Hat to NAFA 2013 Media Sponsors!


The ques­tion isn’t who is cov­er­ing NAFA’s annu­al con­fer­ence this year, the ques­tion is who isn’t? Over 20 of the lead­ing fleet indus­try pub­li­ca­tions from through­out the world have signed on as offi­cial media spon­sors of NAFA’s 2013 Insti­tute & Expo.  This year’s list includes Bloomberg Busi­ness­week, the first main­stream busi­ness pub­li­ca­tion to be a media spon­sor of the event.

In addi­tion to Bloomberg Busi­ness­week, NAFA’s 2013 I&E media spon­sors include lead­ing U.S. fleet pub­li­ca­tions such as Fleet Own­er, Auto­mo­tive Fleet, Fleet Main­te­nance, FLEET­So­lu­tions, Light & Medi­um Truck, Auto­mo­tive Digest, and Fleet Man­age­ment Week­ly; Cana­di­an pub­li­ca­tions include CAMAUTO, Cana­di­an Auto­mo­tive Fleet, CAR/Canadian Auto­mo­tive Review, Fleet Digest, and Fleet Man­age­ment; and glob­al pub­li­ca­tions include Fleet Europe, Glob­al Fleet, and Inter­na­tion­al Fleet World.  In addi­tion, the con­fer­ence includes media spon­sors for spe­cif­ic nich­es with­in fleet man­age­ment:  Fleets & Fuels, HHP Insight, and NGT News (sus­tain­abil­i­ty), Land­scape Man­age­ment (lawn ser­vice fleets), The Munic­i­pal (gov­ern­ment fleets), and Util­i­ty Fleet Pro­fes­sion­al (util­i­ty fleets).

NAFA’s 2013 Insti­tute & Expo is the fleet man­age­ment indus­try event of the year.  The annu­al con­fer­ence brings fleet pro­fes­sion­als from across the globe togeth­er for four days of edu­ca­tion­al ses­sions, net­work­ing, and an expo floor with hun­dreds of exhibitors.   The media spon­sors have pro­vid­ed NAFA (a not-for-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion for pro­fes­sion­als who man­age fleets of vehi­cles of all types and sizes) with print and online adver­tis­ing, pro­mo­tion­al pieces in e-newslet­ters, cal­en­dar notices, and arti­cles pre­view­ing the con­fer­ence – all of which allows NAFA to reach a greater num­ber of fleet pro­fes­sion­als who could ben­e­fit from the event than oth­er­wise pos­si­ble.

“In essence, NAFA’s annu­al con­fer­ence is the per­fect exam­ple of our Beyond Fleet cam­paign,” added Rus­so.  “Every busi­ness that uses vehi­cles in some way ben­e­fits from hav­ing a fleet man­ag­er in charge of those vehi­cles.  Whether that per­son is a vet­er­an of fleet man­age­ment or had the job duties extend­ed to them, they will ben­e­fit from the vast array of edu­ca­tion­al ses­sions avail­able at the I&E and the busi­ness­es exhibit­ing at the Expo.  These media spon­sors help NAFA spread the word about the con­fer­ence and, in turn, help busi­ness­es real­ize just how much they can gain from qual­i­ty fleet man­age­ment.”



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