4 Content Ideas For Your Car Dealer Website


By Greg Gifford

If you’re one of the deal­ers who’s active­ly try­ing to be the best online, you’ve prob­a­bly got some­one doing your SEO for you, and you won’t have to wor­ry about it. If you’re doing your own SEO or if you’re just learn­ing about it here are some sol­id ideas that will help you cre­ate unique, use­ful con­tent that your cus­tomers will love (and if you’ve got some­one doing your SEO for you, it will help you be more proac­tive in work­ing with your SEO team).

• Cost Com­par­isons

We all know that your cus­tomers don’t just decide to buy a car, then jump online and buy the first car they find online. They’re going to shop around, and check out mul­ti­ple cars and mul­ti­ple deal­er­ships. Why not offer your years of expe­ri­ence and write some con­tent about used car pric­ing strate­gies? Explain how the KBB val­ues relate to actu­al vehi­cles, talk about why 2 deal­ers may have very sim­i­lar cars for very dif­fer­ent prices, explain how trade-ins work. Remem­ber, most con­sumers only buy a hand­ful of cars in a life­time, so it’s a very unfa­mil­iar process for most of your cus­tomers – help them under­stand the process.

• Mod­el Com­par­isons

Again, we know that your cus­tomers will do a sig­nif­i­cant amount of research before buy­ing. When they’re try­ing to decide what they want to buy, they’re going to look for infor­ma­tion that will com­pare sim­i­lar mod­els. Why not pro­vide that infor­ma­tion on your site? If you always car­ry cer­tain mod­els, explain why you car­ry those mod­els and why they’re bet­ter than oth­er sim­i­lar trim lev­els or brands. If you spe­cial­ize in a spe­cif­ic type of inven­to­ry, get gran­u­lar and give detailed com­par­isons of the dif­fer­ent mod­els. Think about what cus­tomers will search for… if they’re buy­ing a truck, don’t you think they’ll do a search for some­thing like “Ford vs. Chevro­let” or “Ford F-150 vs. Ram 1500″?

•Guides and Tip Sheets

It’ll take more time to put a guide or tip sheet togeth­er, but many times, it’s worth the time invest­ment. If you’ve got a ser­vice depart­ment, you want to find ways to build up your ser­vice cus­tomers, and offer­ing free guides is a great way to do just that. Pub­lish guides that walk cus­tomers through sim­ple main­te­nance tasks: How to Change Your Oil, How To Change A Flat Tire, How To Jump Your Bat­tery, just to name a few. Your cus­tomers will thank you for shar­ing use­ful infor­ma­tion, and since your ser­vice depart­ment num­ber will be on every page, they’re that much more like­ly to call you when a main­te­nance or repair issue pops up. Even bet­ter, once you’ve post­ed them on your site, they can be use­ful for years to come.

Read the entire arti­cle by Greg Gif­ford, Direc­tor of Search and Social at AutoRe­vo can be reached at support@autorevo.com.



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