Greenest Cars of the Year Announced

Green Car Reports - January 16, 2013

The Amer­i­can Coun­cil for Ener­gy-Effi­cient Econ­o­my (ACEEE) has announced its ‘Green­est’ and ‘Mean­est’ vehi­cles of the year.

Find out which cars are “green” and which are “green­er”.

Each year vehi­cles are giv­en envi­ron­men­tal scores based on fuel effi­cien­cy and emis­sions stan­dards, as well as new mea­sure­ments for esti­mat­ing the envi­ron­men­tal impact beyond use, such as man­u­fac­tur­ing and ener­gy pro­duc­tion.

Top­ping 2013’s list is the Toy­ota Prius C, head­ing a top twelve ‘Green­est’ cars list that includes only two reg­u­lar gaso­line vehi­cles, and three plug-in vehi­cles.

The Prius C edges the Hon­da Fit EV into sec­ond place, fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Prius. This is fol­lowed by the plug-in Prius and Civic Hybrid.

Only two reg­u­lar gaso­line cars made the list, the Smart Fort­wo, and the Scion iQ. Each gets a ‘Green Score’ of 53 com­pared to the Prius C’s win­ning 58, scor­ing high­ly for their small size (mean­ing less mate­ri­als in their man­u­fac­ture) and ULEV II emis­sions rat­ings.

ACEEE also releas­es a list of ‘Green­er Choic­es’, reg­u­lar gaso­line vehi­cles that score well in their respec­tive class­es. This year, the Hon­da Fit, Chevy Spark, Buick Encore and Ford Tran­sit Con­nect Wag­on all scored high­ly, among oth­ers.



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