Every Dealership Needs a Journalist – For Online Marketing

By J.D. Rucker

Every com­pa­ny that wants to reach the high­est lev­el of suc­cess in online mar­ket­ing needs to have some­one act­ing as a jour­nal­ist – some­one  who col­lects, writes and dis­trib­utes news and oth­er infor­ma­tion about the com­pa­ny, the indus­try, the cus­tomers, the local area – any­thing that has rel­e­vance from a mar­ket­ing per­spec­tive.

Until very recent­ly, a good SEO con­tent writer would suf­fice as long as they had some skills to put togeth­er a nice press release every now and then. Today and going for­ward, that’s no longer the case.

That’s not to say that you don’t need SEO con­tent. [But] to tru­ly push for­ward and start dom­i­nat­ing on both the search engines and social media, you’ll want to apply some jour­nal­is­tic art to your web­site and blog.

It doesn’t have to be a full-time job. It could be some­one at the com­pa­ny who can do it occa­sion­al­ly. It can be you. The goal is to put out con­tent that helps in four major areas:

  1. Search Rank­ings – Google and Bing need SEO con­tent on the site to let them know the prop­er pur­pose of each indi­vid­ual page, but they love real con­tent that peo­ple are will­ing to read and share. They can tell the dif­fer­ence between con­tent that is meant for them and con­tent that is tru­ly meant to enter­tain or inform your vis­i­tors. This type of jour­nal­is­tic con­tent can pro­pel your oth­er con­tent to the top in ways that SEO con­tent alone sim­ply can­not do.
  2. Social Shar­ing – Nobody is going to share your spe­cials page. This con­tent has its place, but it’s not going to find its way on Face­book, Twit­ter, Pin­ter­est, or Google+ with­out some arti­fi­cial infla­tion (which Google and Bing can smell from a mile away). What peo­ple will share is a piece of con­tent at the same deal­er­ship titled “Every­thing We Know About the 2014 Corvette is Mind Blow­ing”.
  3. Pub­lic Rela­tions – It takes some­one at the store to take pic­tures and videos when you spon­sor the local Social Media Sat­ur­day meet-up. Yes, there are plen­ty of press release ser­vices out there that do a nice job, but they can’t put out the real con­tent that is replac­ing the canned con­tent that goes into press releas­es. Social media is the new pub­lic rela­tions dri­ving force, not press releas­es.
  4. Human­ized Busi­ness­es – Today more than ever, peo­ple want to deal with oth­er peo­ple. The busi­ness atmos­phere is loaded with auto­mat­ed tele­phone ser­vice, autore­spon­der emails, and vanil­la con­tent that nobody reads. By adding the human flair of a jour­nal­ist at the store post­ing pic­tures, videos, and sto­ries at the store, on the blog, and across social media, you’ll be able to high­light the human fac­tor that peo­ple con­scious­ly or uncon­scious­ly crave.

JD Druck­er is Direc­tor of news media for TK Car­sites. Read the full arti­cle here.



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