Don’t Let Your Dealership Be a Snob: Brand and Communicate with Facebook Likes


By JD Rucker

There are many mis­takes made by deal­ers on Face­book. There’s one mis­take in par­tic­u­lar that is almost unfor­giv­able for the sim­ple rea­son that it’s so darn easy while being pret­ty darn effec­tive. Deal­er­ships are so focused on their own pages that they often neglect to take their pages out into the rest of the Face­book world and inter­act there.

Face­book gives you the abil­i­ty to human­ize your deal­er­ship. That’s one of the most impor­tant attrib­ut­es of Face­book as a mar­ket­ing and pub­lic rela­tions tool. It’s great for com­mu­ni­cat­ing and most deal­er­ships are start­ing to be more active on their Face­book pages when peo­ple seek them out and talk to them there, but so few are going out into Face­book as their pages and doing the inter­act­ing there.

This is way too easy of a task. It’s so easy and so poten­tial­ly effec­tive that it’s shock­ing so few do it.

Here it is, step by step:

• Using Face­book as your page, find rel­e­vant local busi­ness­es, char­i­ties, orga­ni­za­tions, and pub­li­ca­tions to like.

•Be open but vet your selec­tions. Make sure the pages are active, post­ing con­tent that your busi­ness would agree with and that your fans would also enjoy, and have a real fol­low­ing. Avoid pages that are too big — your likes will not be seen if their page has hun­dreds of thou­sands of fans and each posts gets hun­dreds of likes. Think Goldilocks — not too big, not too small. If they’re get­ting 1–10 likes per post, that’s per­fect.

•Like con­tent on their pages that you enjoy. This is impor­tant — don’t go through “blind lik­ing” things on oth­ers’ pages. Only push the like but­ton if it’s some­thing that you would want to be asso­ci­at­ed with online and in real life.

•Check your news feed dai­ly while using Face­book as your page. Again, be selec­tive. The urge to save time and start hit­ting the like but­ton a lot is strong for many, but be cer­tain that you real­ly like what you’re lik­ing.

• Set a sched­ule to vet the pages that you have already liked as well as find­ing new pages to like. Do it once or twice a month.

JD Ruck­er is Direc­tor of New Media at TK Car­sites and can be reached at



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