VW Adds Hybrid Entry to Mass Market

Green Car Reports - December 7, 2012

Volk­swa­gen has sold small num­bers of its Touareg Hybrid CUV for two years now, but it’s nev­er had a mass-mar­ket hybrid entry.

Find out how VW is about to change all that.

That will be the role of the 2013 Volk­swa­gen Jet­ta Hybrid, a new entry this year that com­ple­ments VW’s long-estab­lished line of fuel-effi­cient TDI diesel Jet­ta and Golf mod­els.

The new hybrid uses a small, 150-horse­pow­er, 1.4-liter tur­bocharged engine, with a sin­gle 20-kilo­watt (27-hp) elec­tric motor between the engine and a mod­i­fied ver­sion of VW’s excel­lent sev­en-speed direct-shift auto­mat­ic gear­box.

The total com­bined out­put of the gaso­line-elec­tric pow­er­train is 170 hp.

For a first effort, Volk­swa­gen has done a remark­ably good job at mak­ing the Jet­ta Hybrid fun to dri­ve, smooth, and fuel-effi­cient.

The Jet­ta Hybrid is an impor­tant car because VW knows that in the U.S., many buy­ers pre­fer hybrids to diesels.



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