Toyota Set to Regain Global Auto Sales Lead

Bloomberg News - December 16, 2012

The bat­tle among the world’s biggest car­mak­ers for most deliv­er­ies comes as the indus­try is head­ed for a record year in glob­al sales in 2012.

Get the facts and fig­ures in posi­tion­ing for 1st and 2nd place.

The bat­tle among the world’s biggest car­mak­ers comes as the indus­try is head­ed for a record year. Glob­al 2012 sales will top 80 mil­lion cars and trucks for the first time, as robust U.S. and Japan­ese pur­chas­es off­set a Euro­pean down­turn, accord­ing to esti­mates from LMC Auto­mo­tive. Toy­ota is rebound­ing from Japan’s 2011 tsuna­mi to take the title from GM, while the fight for sec­ond between Volk­swa­gen and GM remains too close to call, with less than one per­cent dif­fer­ence between their sales.

The indus­try is head­ed for a more con­tentious bat­tle in 2013, with LMC fore­cast­ing Volk­swa­gen will add 600,000 units of pro­duc­tion capac­i­ty next year, as much as GM and Toy­ota com­bined, and a pro­ject­ed rebound in Chi­na that favors the Ger­man carmaker’s prospects. Volk­swa­gen has said it will be the glob­al sales leader by 2018.

“We have a three-horse race for the rest of our fore­cast through 2019, with every­one kind of bounc­ing around and chang­ing posi­tions,” said Jeff Schus­ter, senior vice pres­i­dent of fore­cast­ing at Troy, Michi­gan-based LMC. “It’s very tight.”



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