Ricky Beggs: This is a Season Like No Other

Auto Remarketing - December 11, 2012

Spring is com­ing ear­ly in the lanes, and whole­sale prices are not in line with the sea­son, says Black Book’s Ricky Beg­gs.

Find out more on sea­son­al trends.

“This lev­el of strength is typ­i­cal­ly only seen in the March/April time of the year,” the man­ag­ing edi­tor Beg­gs said in his lat­est “Beg­gs on the Used Car Mar­ket” video report.

“Over the last cou­ple of years many of us in the indus­try have said we are not in a nor­mal mar­ket. This has ref­er­enced sup­plies, val­ue trends that have seen both up and down move­ments and some of those trends do not match the more his­tor­i­cal pat­terns,” Beg­gs con­tin­ued, cit­ing recent price increas­es as an exam­ple.

Delv­ing into some of the afore­men­tioned increas­es, this past week the com­pact SUVs and the full-size wag­ons spiked by $6 and $3, respec­tive­ly, mark­ing the only two truck seg­ments to see rais­es in price this past week.

There were three oth­er seg­ments with very small declin­ing lev­els, the mini car­go vans falling $4, the full-size car­go vans drop­ping $7 and the full-size pick­ups declin­ing $10, Beg­gs also shared.



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