Numbers Looked Good for December’s Retail Used Vehicle Sales

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

The used-car indus­try was expect­ed to top 40 mil­lion units in US sales for 2012, the first time since 2007 – a 4.5% gain over last year’s 38.8 mil­lion. Fran­chised deal­ers had a very good year – sales were up from than 8%, while inde­pen­dents saw a more mod­est gain of less than 2%.

Click here to see Retail Auto­mo­tive Sum­ma­ry for Decem­ber

Fran­chised Deal­ers Saw Used Sales Reach­ing 15M for the Year:
A mil­lion more than Inde­pen­dent deal­ers, while Pri­vate Par­ty saw more than 11.5 mil­lion units.

Used Car Trans­ac­tion Prices Were Off for Deal­ers in Decem­ber vs. Novem­ber:
Fran­chised and Inde­pen­dent deal­ers made up for it with high­er vol­ume and quick­er inven­to­ry turnover.

Used-Car Days’ Sup­ply Up 8% in 1st Half of Decem­ber, Reach­ing 49.13:
Today, 50 days over pre­vi­ous year is con­sid­ered ide­al for meet­ing shop­per expec­ta­tions.



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