Handy Automotive Finds Reliable Chat Software

ActivEngage Wins Hands-Down, says Chris Dugan

The Handy Fam­i­ly of Deal­er­ships has been around for quite some time. Estab­lished in 1952, Handy Auto­mo­tive actu­al­ly start­ed out as Handy Truck and Trail­er, a trac­tor trail­er deal­er­ship. From this invest­ment they were able to open John Deere farm equip­ment deal­er­ships in High­gate Ver­mont. With time, they turned that deal­er­ship into a num­ber of dif­fer­ent car brands—GMC, Oldsmo­bile, Nis­san, Dodge –until they set­tled on Handy Toy­ota and Handy Chevro­let.

Chris Dugan, Inter­net Man­ag­er, has been in the auto­mo­tive indus­try for three years, “Since I start­ed here in 2010, we have been aggres­sive­ly pur­su­ing the eCom­merce side of our busi­ness. Pri­or to my arrival, we had a good foothold on Inter­net oper­a­tions, how­ev­er we lacked a ded­i­cat­ed and knowl­edge­able per­son with the skill to write con­tent and expand our social pres­ence. Since then, we have attempt­ed to open every avenue for any/all cus­tomers to reach us, includ­ing live chat, mobile and social.”

The Need for Reli­able Chat Soft­ware

Handy Auto­mo­tive had adopt­ed live chat as ear­ly as 2004 since it was a free ser­vice with their website’s pack­age, “It was a hor­ri­ble pro­gram — free or oth­er­wise — and it was unre­li­able.  Ear­ly in 2011, we decid­ed it was nec­es­sary to have an actu­al, pay-for ser­vice, and ActivEn­gage was our ini­tial incli­na­tion.”

Although Dugan want­ed to go with ActivEn­gage at first, he did pull quotes and saw demos from oth­er ven­dors stat­ing, “ActivEn­gage wins hands down. Their soft­ware was by far the most robust AND least expen­sive, some­thing nobody in our indus­try (or per­haps any­one, peri­od) can eas­i­ly swal­low due to the nature of busi­ness. It hon­est­ly con­founds me to this day how ActivEngage’s pro­gram — reli­able chat, insane­ly robust back-end sta­tis­tics, and ‘in-your-face’ cus­tomer aware­ness graph­ics and imagery – per­fect­ly com­bine to make the best chat prod­uct on the mar­ket today. And, that stands true for any ONE piece of the afore­men­tioned qual­i­ties alone.”

Choos­ing to Chat In-House

Dugan want­ed to keep chat in-house for good rea­sons. “We want­ed it to be an exten­sion of our BDC agents, includ­ing up to the minute knowl­edge of deals and offers that they retain and know more about than even yours tru­ly.”

Report­ing and Ana­lyt­ics

“In terms of busi­ness intel­li­gence, ActivEn­gage is sec­ond to none.  90% of my report­ing comes from the ActivEn­gage report­ing dash­boards, as I’ve noticed a marked enhance­ment when com­pared to web­site providers report­ing. Fur­ther, the up-to-the-minute report­ing is phe­nom­e­nal and empow­ers deal­ers and deal­er­ship employ­ees, espe­cial­ly our BDC,” Dugan stat­ed.

Cus­tomer Sup­port

Dugan feels that ActivEngage’s Cus­tomer Sup­port goes beyond expec­ta­tions, “I have got­ten every­thing I’ve need­ed and then some.  Our Cus­tomer Suc­cess Man­ag­er is excep­tion­al at going over month­ly sta­tis­tics, under­stand­ing our needs, relay­ing any sup­port or oth­er ques­tions and get­ting time­ly answers, and imple­ment­ing hol­i­day-based graph­ics.”

Handy Auto­mo­tive is just one exam­ple of deal­er­ships around the coun­try using ActivEn­gage for their “chat” soft­ware. Vis­it our web­site to find out how you can get the most reli­able “chat” soft­ware for the best price and improve your bot­tom line today!



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