Arkansas Using Networkfleet Tracking System, Shell Rotella Assisting Trucks in Extreme Cold Weather, Saving Money with inthinc Compliance Solutions, Alliance for Diesel Emission Reduction Act Funding

State of Arkansas Work­ing with Net­work­fleet Using GPS Fleet Track­ing Sys­tem
Net­work­fleet is work­ing with the Arkansas State High­way and Trans­porta­tion Depart­ment to imple­ment the Net­work­fleet GPS fleet track­ing sys­tem to help ana­lyze uti­liza­tion, track vehi­cle loca­tion and improve over­all effi­cien­cy for about 2,400 state vehi­cles. The state man­ages on-road pas­sen­ger vehi­cles used in high­way main­te­nance, trans­porta­tion, admin­is­tra­tion, con­struc­tion and law enforce­ment. Learn more.

Shell Rotel­la Designed for Trucks Oper­at­ing in Extreme Cold Weath­er
Shell Lubri­cants has intro­duced Shell Rotel­la® T6 0W-40, a full syn­thet­ic heavy duty diesel engine oil which is designed for extreme cold con­di­tions. Shell Rotel­la T6 0W-40 uses free flow­ing syn­thet­ic base oils that allow reli­able pump­ing on start-up under extreme cold cli­mate con­di­tions, yet remains thick enough under high tem­per­a­ture oper­a­tion to pro­tect against engine wear typ­i­cal in truck trans­port. Learn more.

Fleet Man­agers Sav­ing Mon­ey with inthinc Com­pli­ance Solu­tions
inthinc Tech­nol­o­gy Solu­tions Inc. is work­ing hand-in-hand with enter­prise fleets to reduce costs, save time and ensure com­pli­ance with fed­er­al, state and inter­nal poli­cies. Accord­ing to cus­tomer data, inthinc com­pli­ance solu­tions have saved 20 min­utes per day for fleet man­agers and over $80 per vehi­cle month­ly. With inthinc waySmart®, fleet man­agers are able to mon­i­tor dri­ver behav­ior and sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce com­pli­ance vio­la­tions. Learn more.

Alliance Between Two Com­pa­nies Designed for Diesel Emis­sion Reduc­tion Act Fund­ing
Webas­to Prod­uct North Amer­i­ca, a leader in idle reduc­tion tech­nolo­gies, and ESW Group™, a lead­ing provider of emis­sions con­trol prod­ucts, announced the inte­gra­tion between two tech­nolo­gies that will give fleets and munic­i­pal­i­ties the oppor­tu­ni­ty to obtain DERA (Diesel Emis­sion Reduc­tion Act) fund­ing for emis­sion con­trol and idle reduc­tion equip­ment. Orga­ni­za­tions that are eli­gi­ble for the fund­ing include region­al, state and local agen­cies or port author­i­ties with juris­dic­tion over trans­porta­tion or air qual­i­ty. Learn more.



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