Toyota and Honda Dominate Both Resale Value Awards

Recalls don’t seem to be tak­ing away Toyota’s resale val­ue recog­ni­tion, whether you’re talk­ing about Toy­ota and Lexus tak­ing back the Kel­ley Blue Book Best Resale Val­ue Awards last year after being off the man­tle for a while in the years fol­low­ing the largest vehi­cle recall ever; or win­ning the 2013 mod­el-year awards after expe­ri­enc­ing anoth­er round of large recalls. Along with win­ning the main­stream and lux­u­ry brand awards, Toy­ota and Lexus took 10 of the 22 vehi­cle cat­e­go­ry hon­ors.

It’s not a real mys­tery as to why Toy­ota has done so well with resale val­ues, accord­ing to Eric Ibar­ra, KBB’s direc­tor of resid­ual con­sult­ing. It comes down to per­ceived prod­uct val­ue and man­u­fac­tur­er incen­tive dis­ci­pline. “They just offer out­stand­ing vehi­cles at a good val­ue. They under­stand how mar­ket­ing deci­sions impact resid­ual val­ues,” he said.

Hon­da is very pleased with this year’s awards, too. The com­pa­ny took four KBB cat­e­gories – the Hon­da Fit won sub­com­pact car, Civic won com­pact car, Hon­da Civic Si sporty com­pact car, and Accord mid­size car. Even bet­ter for Hon­da was tak­ing the main­stream brand award and its Acu­ra brand tak­ing the lux­u­ry side in the ALG Resid­ual Val­ue Awards. Both brands took back the top spots after hav­ing been dis­man­tled in recent years. The Hon­da brands took three of the 22 vehi­cle cat­e­gories and Toy­ota did very well, too – with the Toy­ota, Lexus, and Scion brands lead­ing by tak­ing nine of the cat­e­go­ry wins.



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