The Make or Break of the Phone Call

By Jessica Kain

In today’s world we all know how impor­tant the Inter­net is. We are all aware of the impor­tance of embrac­ing web­sites, email, social media and more.  Although many of us are mak­ing great strides, there is a very impor­tant ele­ment we are miss­ing.

The impor­tance of a qual­i­ty phone call is still as impor­tant as ever.   In the high paced deal­er­ship envi­ron­ment we must all step back and think before we answer or call a cus­tomer.  The few sec­onds before we pick up the phone are the most impor­tant time to ask our­selves the 3 most impor­tant ques­tions.

  • Can I help this cus­tomer?
  • Can I deliv­er the infor­ma­tion they are look­ing for in a prop­er manor?
  • Can I dif­fer­en­ti­ate our deal­er­ship in these next cou­ple min­utes?

    Let’s answer those 3 lit­tle ques­tions:
  1. The absolute most impor­tant ele­ment is to sim­ply help the cus­tomer.  It sounds like such a sim­ple task, but so many deal­er­ships refuse to do it, elim­i­nate the back and forth games. The cus­tomer is just as busy as you, which is why they rely so heav­i­ly on the Inter­net to answer their ques­tions.  They took the time to give you a phone num­ber and ask a ques­tion.  You have the pow­er to help them, remem­ber that.
  2. Can I deliv­er the infor­ma­tion they are look­ing for in a prop­er man­ner?  Your team needs to be able to “talk pret­ty”.  Cre­at­ing polite and empa­thet­ic ver­biage in your dealership’s cul­ture is beyond impor­tant.  We as a team in the Auto­mo­tive Indus­try need to break down those stereo­types.  By deliv­er­ing the infor­ma­tion to the cus­tomer in elo­quent man­ner makes all the dif­fer­ence.
  3. Can I dif­fer­en­ti­ate our deal­er­ship in these next cou­ple min­utes?  I am talk­ing about deliv­er­ing a qual­i­ty phone call that helps the cus­tomer by answer­ing the ques­tion and deliv­er­ing that answer in an elo­quent man­ner. Most of the time, the cus­tomer will decide whether they want to do busi­ness with you from just a call. Dif­fer­en­ti­ate your deal­er­ship from the rest by just teach­ing your team the sim­ple impor­tance of being polite, empa­thet­ic and help­ful over the phone.

Our BDC, Inter­net, Sales and Man­ag­er team mem­bers absolute­ly have to be able to answer these ques­tions before they pick up a phone.  With the pow­er of edu­ca­tion over the Inter­net cus­tomers are choosier than ever.  They know what they want, how much they want to pay, and every­thing about your deal­er­ship before they even sub­mit a lead. 

Jes­si­ca Kain is client rela­tions man­ag­er for Kain Auto­mo­tive. Read the full arti­cle here.



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