Setting Goals to Line up Front-End Gross-Per-Vehicle in Showroom & Internet


By Josh Vajda

So how can you increase your aver­age front-end gross per vehi­cle, as well as get the Inter­net depart­ment gross in line with the show­room gross?

Here are a few tips:

• Always pro­vide the cus­tomer with choic­es and care­ful­ly review leads for mod­el selec­tion and trim lev­els. If you’re quot­ing your cus­tomer the loss leader or base mod­el and they want the lux­u­ry mod­el, then you’re set­ting them up for a price expec­ta­tion way low­er than is rea­son­able.

• Just like when you’re face-to-face with a cus­tomer, focus on build­ing val­ue in the vehi­cles. Cus­tomers want to know what they’re buy­ing is worth the mon­ey, and you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to explain why the price is what the price is.

• Don’t be tempt­ed to imme­di­ate­ly give a dis­count, and be wary of pro­grams that send inven­to­ry selec­tions to cus­tomers with quotes designed to beat your com­pe­ti­tion or that are loss lead­ers. Big dis­count quotes make the cus­tomer believe all vehi­cles can be sig­nif­i­cant­ly dis­count­ed.

• Mys­tery shop your com­pe­ti­tion from time to time on key vehi­cles to ensure you’re pric­ing your vehi­cles to mar­ket.

• Con­sid­er loca­tion. If a cus­tomer is close to you, then price in the con­ve­nience of shop­ping with you. If the cus­tomer lives 20 miles away and has to dri­ve past mul­ti­ple com­peti­tors in order to get to your store, you may be more aggres­sive in your pric­ing.

 Set the rules in the Inter­net depart­ment based on what vehi­cles are sell­ing for in the show­room. If they know the ‘floor’ price, you’re less like­ly to have a sig­nif­i­cant dis­crep­an­cy between the show­room and the Inter­net gross.

Use these tips to increase the aver­ages in the Inter­net depart­ment to be more in line with show­room aver­ages.

Josh Vaj­da, Direc­tor of Inside Sales, AutoUSA, can be reached at



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