Toyota’s Global Sales Lead Widens Over GM


The Detroit News - October 26, 2012

After an earth­quake and tsuna­mi in ear­ly 2011, Toyota’s fac­to­ries were par­a­lyzed, leav­ing it short of cars in the U.S. and oth­er regions. The com­pa­ny has now recov­ered, and is build­ing and sell­ing more vehi­cles glob­al­ly.

Toy­ota  sold 7.4 mil­lion vehi­cles glob­al­ly in the first nine months of this year — 450,000 more than Gen­er­al Motors. While Toyota’s sales rose 28 per­cent in that peri­od, GM’s rose 2.5 per­cent, to 6.95 mil­lion cars and light-duty trucks.

GM was the top-sell­ing automak­er for more than sev­en decades before los­ing the title to Toy­ota in 2008.

Toy­ota, which makes the Prius hybrid, Cam­ry sedan and Lexus lux­u­ry mod­els, had planned to sell 1 mil­lion vehi­cles in Chi­na this year but no longer expects to reach that num­ber. Sales are falling in Chi­na because of a ter­ri­to­r­i­al dis­pute with Japan.



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