Do You Practice What You Preach?

Trevor Wilson

By Trevor Wilson

What hap­pened to cus­tomer ser­vice? In the grand old days we used to car­ry the gro­ceries out to the car. We used to pump the gas. We have become a “quick and dirty” soci­ety when it comes to cus­tomer ser­vice. Let’s get them in and then get them out!

Put your­self in the cus­tomers’ shoes. How many times have you gone to a busi­ness and seen their mis­sion state­ment. It talks about how their cus­tomers are para­mount and they are why they are there. Yet the counter is a mess and the sales staff is nowhere to be seen. Do we want to be that busi­ness?

We don’t need emp­ty words. We need action, action, action!

There is a quick way to resolve this and not get caught in that trap. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!

What we need is a defined cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. That expe­ri­ence will spell out exact­ly what your cus­tomer is to expect when they come into your deal­er­ship — excep­tion­al ser­vice. Now the key to this is when that cus­tomer comes through, we actu­al­ly give them exact­ly what we told them we would give them. We want to go above and beyond. Hav­ing that expe­ri­ence as a deal­er­ship-wide march­ing order caus­es excite­ment and loy­al­ty from your cus­tomer base.

How many times have you dri­ven that extra few miles, or paid an extra few dol­lars, to a busi­ness that offered that high lev­el of cus­tomer ser­vice through an excep­tion­al cus­tomer expe­ri­ence? When you real­ly think about it, it is prob­a­bly more often that you real­ize. We val­ue an excep­tion­al cus­tomer expe­ri­ence just as much as our cus­tomers do.

Your cus­tomer expe­ri­ence has far reach­ing effects on your busi­ness. When you sup­port a deal­er­ship with a strong cus­tomer expe­ri­ence you see hap­py cus­tomers. Even those that you could not get financed are hap­py. How strong is it to have a cus­tomer relay this mes­sage, “Even though I could get financed at Deal­er­ship A, I had a great expe­ri­ence and will rec­om­mend it to friends/family”?

Your rep­u­ta­tion grows as these hap­py cus­tomers are rush­ing to Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Deal­er­Rater, Insid­er Pages, etc. to leave a review.

Some­thing that costs you so lit­tle finan­cial­ly brings great rewards in the end. Cus­tomer ser­vice and the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence is the true key to fight­ing the objec­tions. Play offense instead of defense and always be ahead in the game.

Trevor Wil­son, Direc­tor of Oper­a­tions, Kain­Au­to­mo­tive, can be reached at Read the full arti­cle here.



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