Black Book’s Ricky Beggs on Volatile Prices in Past Three Months


While over­all whole­sale prices have been see­ing a drop in recent months, there are a few cat­e­gories that have shown more volatil­i­ty in the past three months.  “An over­all down­ward adjust­ment in the mar­ket, com­bined with high­er-than-nor­mal gas prices, has con­tributed to pock­ets of volatil­i­ty for cer­tain seg­ments,” said Ricky Beg­gs, senior ana­lyst at Black Book. “Some seg­ments in par­tic­u­lar, includ­ing the Com­pact Pick­ups and Entry-Lev­el Cars, have shown above aver­age volatil­i­ty even though they have out­per­formed over­all seg­ment aver­ages.”

Most Volatile Whole­sale Price Seg­ments
Entry Lev­el Cars: Hyundai Accent, Chevro­let Aveo, Hon­da Fit, Pon­ti­ac G3, Mazda2, Kia Rio, Nis­san Ver­sa.
Full-Size SUVs:  Nis­san Arma­da, Jeep Com­man­der, Dodge Duran­go, Ford Expe­di­tion, Toy­ota Sequoia, Chevro­let Sub­ur­ban and GMC Yukon.

Oth­er Notable Seg­ments Dur­ing Past Three Months
Entry Sporty Cars: BMW 3-Series, Audi A5, Chevro­let Camaro, Dodge Chal­lenger, Chrysler Cross­fire, Ford Mus­tang, Acu­ra TSX.
Com­pact Crossovers: Jeep Com­pass, Hon­da CR-V, Maz­da CX-7, Chevro­let Equinox, Ford Escape, Jeep Lib­er­ty, Mer­cury Mariner, Toy­ota Rav4, Acu­ra RDX.



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