Automaker Financing and State Rebates Making Green Vehicles More Attractive


Com­par­ing plug-in elec­tric vehi­cles and alter­na­tive-fuel vehi­cles mile per mile against tra­di­tion­al inter­nal com­bus­tion engine vehi­cles isn’t mak­ing a lot of sense right now. While the prices are much high­er than for high-mileage ICEs, there are attrac­tive finance pack­ages, fed­er­al tax cred­its, and a few state and local rebates that make them much more appeal­ing to con­sumers, espe­cial­ly in mar­kets with climb­ing fuel prices. Shop­pers can con­sid­er pay­ing about $270 a month under a few of the cur­rent offers for the Chevy Volt, which seems like it should be more cost­ly. “You would nev­er see a lease for that price on a $40,000 car,” said Alec Gutier­rez, senior mar­ket ana­lyst for Kel­ley Blue Book about the Volt’s stick­er price. “It real­ly makes those vehi­cles avail­able to con­sumer who wouldn’t have been able to afford them oth­er­wise.”

State rebates are play­ing into these cars’ appeal to con­sumers. Cal­i­for­ni­ans see a state rebate of $2,500 for zero-emis­sion vehi­cles that can be quick­ly rolled into the down pay­ment. The Volt and Toy­ota Prius Plug-In Hybrid are eli­gi­ble for a slight­ly reduced $1,500 rebate because they use gaso­line on longer trips.



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