Art Spinella on September’s Retail Used Car Trends

Spinella Art2a

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Sep­tem­ber used vehi­cle sales were up 8.76% from a year ago, at 3,811,375 units. Fran­chised deal­er used sales were 1,338,368 and up 12.46%, Inde­pen­dent 1,334,118 and up 13.56%, and Pri­vate Par­ty (Casu­al) 838,889 and down 2.89%.

Click here to read CNW Research report on Sep­tem­ber retail UC sales

Trans­ac­tion Prices Down for All 3 Cat­e­gories from Year Ago:
Fran­chise at $12,285 and down 6.87%, Inde­pen­dent $6,862 and down 13.6%, and Pri­vate Par­ty at $7,078 and down 17.49%.

Buy Here/Pay Here Jumped 33% vs. Year Ago:
Num­ber of sub-prime buy­ers increas­ing by 78% to 923,230.

For Retail Used Vehi­cle Sales, Asian Brands Saw Large Increase in Share:
Asian brands up 24.5% to 32.99% of sales, Detroit share fell 4.8% to 60.1%, and Euro­pean mod­els slipped by a third to 6.9%



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