10 Tips on Hiring the Right Performance Coaches for Service Training


As deal­ers and shop own­ers demand more from ser­vice staff, employ­ees are work­ing very long hours and burn­ing out. Busi­ness­es are hir­ing coach­es to improve ser­vice per­for­mance, and this some­times makes more sense than work­ing with con­sul­tants.

Here are 10 tips for coach­ing suc­cess offered by Motor Age’s Bri­an Can­ning:
1. Find a coach­ing com­pa­ny with a good track record
2. Ask around and solic­it rec­om­men­da­tions and ref­er­ences
3. Find out all that you can about what will be expect­ed of you as a client
4. Do not let your ego get in your way
5. Do not deceive or lie to your coach
6. If you have appoint­ments keep them, if you have tasks you agree to com­plete, get them done
7. If you are con­fused, do not be embar­rassed or afraid to ask ques­tions
8. Don’t do it If you’re look­ing for some­body to blame and can­not com­mit to what a coach will demand of you
9. If you are not will­ing to change, do not enter into the rela­tion­ship
10. If you’re con­stant­ly at odds with your coach, ask for or demand a dif­fer­ent coach.



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