Transparency in Engagement: Are You Effective in All Your Customer Interactions?

Trevor Wilson

By Trevor Wilson

The Inter­net has caused a fun­da­men­tal change in the way we engage our cus­tomers.

In the past we were used to the Deal­er­ship traf­fic com­ing into our doors through the actu­al doors. Sim­ple and straight for­ward approach. The up bus was run­ning full time and it was full! The fam­i­ly would actu­al­ly take a trip to the Deal­er­ship on a Sat­ur­day and make a fam­i­ly deci­sion to pur­chase a vehi­cle.

Those days are in the past. The up bus is run­ning very infre­quent­ly and almost emp­ty. How are our cus­tomers get­ting to us?

Your cus­tomer is shop­ping over 18 web­sites in the course of gath­er­ing infor­ma­tion, but they are going to vis­it approx­i­mate­ly 1.3 Deal­er­ships. How are we going to get the atten­tion of the shop­pers and get them to vis­it YOUR Store? The first step is to change the way we are engag­ing the “e-leads”.

If we had a cus­tomer from a phone up or walk in, we would real­ly engage them, ask point­ed ques­tions and get them talk­ing. The goal was to open them up and get them to tell you their wants and needs. In the course of this con­ver­sa­tion, they would essen­tial­ly tell you how to close them.

Yet, when they come in through an Inter­net lead, we com­plete­ly drop what we have learned and revert back to basic inter­ac­tion.

We need to be com­plete­ly trans­par­ent in the way we engage the cus­tomer. No mat­ter how this cus­tomer came to us we can use the same tac­tics to build the rela­tion­ship. It’s sim­ple. Ask ques­tions and cre­ate calls to actions in your emails. We must not skip the mid­dle steps. Ask the point­ed ques­tions just as if you were on the phone with this cus­tomer or they were sit­ting in front of you.

Trevor Wil­son, Direc­tor of Oper­a­tions for Kain Auto­mo­tive, can be reached at Read the full arti­cle here.



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