Service Center 20-Group Shared Best Practice Ideas

Last month, a 20-Group at Auto­mo­tive Train­ing Insti­tute met in Linthicum, Md., to share ideas on devel­op­ing a thriv­ing ser­vice depart­ment or inde­pen­dent busi­ness:

1. Be In Front: Man­agers and shop own­ers have to stay in front of every aspect of the busi­ness – tech­nol­o­gy, a sol­id mar­ket­ing plan, and strong staffing.
2. Rebrand­ing Your Com­pa­ny: That’s an obvi­ous one these days, but ser­vice oper­a­tions have to invest their resources wise­ly in today’s cli­mate.
3. Ven­dor Rela­tion­ships: Some of the 20 group have been buy­ing lunch for ven­dors and enhanc­ing the rela­tion­ships. Oth­er sug­ges­tions were includ­ing them in team build­ing and com­mu­ni­ty events to strength­en the rela­tion­ships.
4. Fuel Con­sump­tion Cal­cu­la­tor: Some ser­vice cen­ters are offer­ing cus­tomers a spread­sheet called “Fuel Con­sump­tion Cal­cu­la­tions” to help them change dri­ving pat­terns as gas prices rise and cus­tomers ask about find­ing solu­tions.
5. Pro­mo­tion­al Items: Dur­ing these try­ing times, cus­tomers are enjoy­ing receiv­ing pro­mo­tion­al items with no strings attached. One exam­ple giv­en was a reusable gro­cery bag with the com­pa­ny logo and brand­ing.



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