Ricky Beggs on Price Digression between Cars and Trucks

Black Book’s Ricky Beg­gs has been watch­ing used car prices for cars and trucks slow­ly digress this year. Sep­tem­ber car prices have so far dropped 2%, com­pared to April when prices slid just 0.2%. Trucks have been going in the oppo­site direc­tion since July. Price declines have eased from being down 1.8% in July to down just 1.1% in Sep­tem­ber.

Sta­bil­i­ty across truck seg­ments con­tin­ued recent­ly with three seg­ments increas­ing in price last week and anoth­er five seg­ments depre­ci­at­ed by less than 0.2% or less. Mid-size pick­ups, full-size pick­ups, and com­pact crossovers all had price increas­es.

Black Book’s out­look for the next cou­ple of weeks in an active mar­ket with a sim­i­lar num­ber of changes com­pared to this past week. Larg­er declines are expect­ed to hap­pened more with lux­u­ry-ori­ent­ed mod­els. Black Book is also track­ing late-mod­el vehi­cles. The lack of inter­est in whole­sale for these vehi­cles could rep­re­sent some rel­a­tive­ly large neg­a­tive pric­ing adjust­ments.



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