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NADA 20 Group is now accept­ing appli­ca­tions for Chrysler, Hon­da, Hyundai, and Fixed Oper­a­tions Groups.

How do you mea­sure up? Request a free copy of the 2012 NADA or ATD For­mu­las, Def­i­n­i­tions and Guides fea­tur­ing addi­tion­al new guides.

Untapped prof­it oppor­tu­ni­ties! NADA 20 Group’s In-deal­er­ship Con­sul­ta­tions (IDCs) are proven to gen­er­ate sig­nif­i­cant prof­it improve­ment.

NADA ACADEMY Class Starts— 2012

• Oct 22 • Deal­er Can­di­date Acad­e­my (DCA)

• Sep 17, Oct 8 • Gen­er­al Deal­er­ship Man­age­ment Acad­e­my (GDM)

2013 Sched­ule Just Out!

• Jan 7, Feb 25, May 6, Jun 24, Sep 9, Oct 14 • DCA

• Jan 14, Feb 18, May 20, Jun 10, Sep 16, Oct 7 • GDM

• Mar 4 • ATD Truck Deal­er Acad­e­my

Depart­ment man­agers may attend a class week even if they don’t have a stu­dent in the Acad­e­my pro­gram. Vis­it to down­load sched­ule and appli­ca­tions.



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