Smartphone-Centric Chevy Spark Aimed at Millenials

The 2013 Chevy Spark is the company’s first mini-car to enter the U.S. mar­ket, and it’s aimed at reach­ing 16-to-31-year-old mil­lenials. It’s been designed to be more smart­phone-cen­tric than any­thing else car shop­pers have ever seen, with its MyLink touch-screen sys­tem being empha­sized. Here’s a few details to con­sid­er:

• It’s being mar­ket­ed to mil­lenials afraid of los­ing con­nec­tion to their smart­phone. Dri­vers can stream their per­son­al library direct­ly from their phone or through radio apps built into the car’s sys­tem. It doesn’t come with a CD play­er, as dri­vers are expect­ed to be pro­vid­ing their own tunes.
• It comes with Chevrolet’s MyLink that does car­ry AM and FM chan­nels, along with Sir­iusXM Satel­lite Radio with a three-month tri­al ser­vice before being charged an annu­al fee.
By con­nect­ing the car to their smart­phone, via USB for iOS hand­sets or Blue­tooth for Android, dri­vers can get GPS com­mands, make music selec­tions by voice com­mands, and make or answer phone calls, with­out los­ing their atten­tion to dri­ving. The sys­tems also pro­vides Blue­tooth con­nec­tion for cer­tain oper­at­ing sys­tems and voice-recog­ni­tion capa­bil­i­ties.
• In the fourth quar­ter of this year, the Bring­Go app will be avail­able in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. It’s an embed­ded smart­phone map appli­ca­tion that will work seam­less­ly with Spark’s MyLink sys­tems, and comes from lis­ten­ing to cus­tomers, the com­pa­ny said. It’s expect­ed to cost an addi­tion­al $50 and is said to be pre­ferred by Mil­lenials over doing some­thing like open­ing Google Maps on your smart­phone. Bring­Go goes through Spark’s touch screen, mak­ing it a pre­cise GPS sys­tems for dri­vers.


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