Art Spinella’s Retail Automotive Summary for August

Spinella Art2a

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

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In August, the days’ sup­ply of used vehi­cles up more than 15% vs. year ago. That will trans­late into soft­er used prices as deal­ers attempt to shed inven­to­ry that’s begin­ning to back up on their lots.

Trucks are in Short­er Sup­ply than Cars for Third Month Run­ning:
Mak­ing up less than 90% of aver­age days’ sup­ply com­pared to 120+ per­cent for cars.

Con­sumers More Clear from Online Resources on What Used Should Sell for:
Dri­ving hard­er bar­gain and find­ing deal­ers, who are see­ing inven­to­ries begin­ning to grow, will­ing to make a deal.

Lat­est Loan to Val­ue Ratio Data Show Rise, Espe­cial­ly for Sub-Prime Bor­row­ers:
Banks are chas­ing after auto loans because of low repos­ses­sion rates and min­i­mum of late-pay­ers.



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