Social Media Comments Alert Nissan to Leaf Battery Problems


Automotive News - July 30, 0012

Nis­san found out about hav­ing a few prob­lems with bat­tery capac­i­ty for its Leaf elec­tric car by view­ing social media com­ments. Nis­san engi­neers from Japan have been sent to the US to review bat­tery prob­lems in the Phoenix area, where five Leaf own­ers have com­plained about prob­lems with bat­tery life pos­si­bly caused by intense heat in the region. Their abil­i­ty to ful­ly recharge is degrad­ing faster than expect­ed, Nis­san North Amer­i­ca has acknowl­edged.

Nis­san has yet to deter­mine whether a prob­lem exists, says Mark Per­ry, prod­uct plan­ning direc­to­ry for the Leaf. It’s nor­mal for lithi­um ion bat­ter­ies to suf­fer a loss of capac­i­ty over time, and the com­pa­ny has been trans­par­ent about it with cus­tomers, Per­ry said. They’ve also alert­ed con­sumers about bat­tery capac­i­ty degra­da­tion in very high heat, such as sit­ting out in 110-degree heat for five hours a day.



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