Making the Most from a Service Delivery

Fixed Ops Insight - July 22, 2012

Have you ever left your dentist’s office with­out a small card with your next appoint­ment writ­ten on it? Have you ever con­sid­ered adopt­ing this prac­tice with your ser­vice cus­tomers?

Set­ting the customer’s next appoint­ment at the time they pick up their car after ser­vice work will help keep your ser­vice bays full and pro­duc­tive.

This is the last step in an effort to improve ser­vice CSI scores. The process begins with a com­plete review of the Mul­ti Point Inspec­tion fol­lowed by a line-by-line review of the invoice. This type of dia­log can also get cus­tomers to open up about their expe­ri­ence.

Once the cus­tomer has been sched­uled for a return vis­it, either to repair items iden­ti­fied on the inspec­tion report or for the next sched­ule main­te­nance, it is impor­tant to remind the cus­tomer. The article’s author men­tions a third-par­ty CRM com­pa­ny like Xtime to auto­mate the reminder process.



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