Honda Takes Cautious Approach To EV Sales

Wards Auto - July 29, 2012

With loom­ing increas­es to CAFE stan­dards automak­ers are ramp­ing up the sale of elec­tric vehi­cles. Most are pro­ceed­ing cau­tious­ly as con­sumer demand has thus far been weak and bat­tery tech­nol­o­gy is evolv­ing on what seems like a dai­ly basis. Hon­da is the lat­est automak­er to announce plans to enter the EV mar­ket deliv­er­ing the first Fit EVs in select mar­kets in Cal­i­for­nia and Ore­gon.

Hon­da is tak­ing an even more cau­tious approach than its com­peti­tors. Like oth­ers, Hon­da is restrict­ing pro­duc­tion and for now plans to deliv­er just 1,100 and only in states with the most severe envi­ron­men­tal restric­tions. All Fit EVs will be leased for a term of 36-months. Hon­da will per­form an audit of the homes of prospec­tive cus­tomer to make sure the house can accom­mo­date a 240V charg­ing sta­tion.

The Fit EV is the cur­rent leader in MPGe at 118 and claims the vehi­cle can be ful­ly recharged in 3-hours or less using a 240V charg­er.



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