Galves Market Conditions Report – July 2012


Dan Galves
Galves Auto Price List

Click here to down­load and read the com­plete Galves Mar­ket Con­di­tions report.

Sec­ond half of June saw declin­ing demand for used vehi­cles, beyond the usu­al sum­mer soft­en­ing; Excep­tion­al vehi­cles are still get­ting pre­mi­um prices, but require­ments to join that club have esca­lat­ed; Deal­ers report­ing lack of floor traf­fic, so there’s lit­tle need for fresh inven­to­ry.

Very Late Mod­el Vehi­cles in Gen­er­al Have Been Hard Hit:
Had been high demand in recent months and prices had held up well until recent­ly.

Japan­ese Man­u­fac­tur­er New Vehi­cle Inven­to­ry Has Recent­ly Nor­mal­ized:
Late mod­el used that had been unusu­al­ly strong are fast on their way to becom­ing unusu­al­ly weak.

Euro­pean and Asian Lux­u­ry Vehi­cles also Impact­ed:
Lexus LX570s, Lexus RX series, and Mer­cedes GL series have tak­en big hits of late.



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