Ford Says C-Max Energi Plug-in Getting Twice the Range as Prius Plug-in

Automotive News - July 20, 2012

Ford Motor Co. says its first plug-in hybrid elec­tric vehi­cle will have more miles per charge than that of com­peti­tor Toy­ota. Although not yet test­ed by the EPA, Ford esti­mates that its upcom­ing C-Max Ener­gi plug-in has a dri­ving range of about 20 miles, near­ly dou­ble that of the 11 mile range the Prius plug-in is get­ting on bat­tery only. (For com­par­i­son sake, the Chevro­let Volt is get­ting about 35 miles on bat­tery only.) The C-Max Ener­gi is expect­ed to gen­er­ate 188 horse­pow­er with its two liter, four-cylin­der engine and bat­tery-pow­ered motor. It could trav­el up to 550 miles with its bat­tery and gaso­line engine work­ing in tan­dem.

Ford thinks the C-Max Ener­gi plug-in will have 95 miles per gal­lon equiv­a­lent, which is what the Prius plug-in is get­ting. Its expect­ed to arrive at EV-cer­ti­fied deal­ers in 19 mar­kets by late fall, soon after the C-Max Hybrid.



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