Ford F-Series To Go on a Diet

The Detroit Bureau - July 27, 2012

Many automak­ers, espe­cial­ly those in Detroit, are fac­ing a dilem­ma that could affect their sales and prof­its. The Admin­is­tra­tion is about to announce new, more aggres­sive fuel econ­o­my stan­dards. Start­ing in 2016 CAFE require­ments will be increased each year until it reach­es 54.5 mpg by 2025.

In the past pick­ups have had a low­er require­ment. Now they will be includ­ed in one, sin­gle stan­dard. Automak­ers like Ford are look­ing for ways to make their trucks more effi­cient while sat­is­fy­ing the needs of truck buy­ers.

Ford recent­ly intro­duced a new gen­er­a­tion of engines to make their trucks more fuel effi­cient. Now Ford is con­sid­er­ing the use more Alu­minum in their trucks to reduce weight by up to 700 lbs. Some sources at the automak­er say the process is under­way while oth­ers say any spec­u­la­tion is pre­ma­ture.

Steel and alu­minum each have their advan­tages and ben­e­fits. Automak­ers need to hit the new CAFE man­dates while pre­serv­ing pay­load and tow­ing capac­i­ty.



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