Do Consumers Want 54.5 MPG Vehicles?

Gov't Accelerates CAFE Standards

Wards Auto - July 16, 2012

Con­sumer groups are hail­ing new, more aggres­sive CAFE stan­dards. They cite new stud­ies that claim con­sumers sup­port the actions of fed­er­al reg­u­la­tors. The new stan­dards, expect­ed to be released this sum­mer, call for light-duty vehi­cles sold in the U.S. to attain an aver­age of 54.5 miles per gal­lon by 2025.

A study pub­lished by con­sumer watch­dog Con­sumer Fed­er­a­tion of Amer­i­ca indi­cates con­sumers are con­cerned about high gaso­line prices and agree with the government’s dri­ve to increase over­all fuel econ­o­my. The CFA says that fuel sav­ings will off­set the cost of the tech­nolo­gies that will be required to achieve the new CAFE stan­dards.

The Cen­ter for Auto­mo­tive Research, how­ev­er, has a dif­fer­ent view. Their analy­sis says that con­sumers will be pay­ing an addi­tion­al $5,270 for fuel-sav­ing tech­nolo­gies and would like­ly not be able to recov­er $3,000 of that expen­di­ture. In addi­tion CAR believes the increased cost of vehi­cles will cause con­sumers to hold on to their less fuel-effi­cient vehi­cles longer, a trend already occur­ring.



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