AV Clean Cities and CNGChat.com Promoting CNG Road Trip

Clean Cities

AV Clean Cities and mem­bers of CNGChat.com are get­ting the word out on Clean Across Amer­i­ca & Back 2012 CNG Road Trip in Octo­ber, in con­junc­tion with the Nation­al AFV Odyssey Day 2012 events across the coun­try. You can lis­ten to the archive of last Thursday’s inter­net radio show at the Ante­lope Clean Cities web­site. Talk show guests Eve­lyn and Gary Cor­bitt, the dynam­ic duo who is under­tak­ing this adven­ture and a sur­prise guest who actu­al­ly made this trek in 1998, talked about what will hap­pen dur­ing the road trip in a Hon­da Civic Nat­ur­al Gas. The trip will launch from South­ern Cal­i­for­nia in the sec­ond week of Octo­ber for the CNG Road Trip and makes stops for pub­lic events along the way, includ­ing Las Vegas and cities in Col­orado….

There’s been anoth­er green car of the year award giv­en out, and this time it was in Chi­na. The Vol­vo C30 Elec­tric was named “Green Car of the Year” at the 4th Chi­na New Ener­gy Mobil­i­ty Sum­mit. Vol­vo deliv­ered 15 of the C30 EVs to Shang­hai as part of a pro­gram called EV100 Days. The cam­paign is part of intro­duc­ing the elec­tric car to its “sec­ond home mar­ket,” says Free­man Shen the senior vice pres­i­dent Vol­vo Car Corp. and chair­man of Chi­na Oper­a­tions. Increas­ing the Vol­vo C30 Electric’s vis­i­ble pres­ence in Chi­na was inevitable giv­en that Vol­vo is now owned by Chi­nese automak­er Geely – and the gov­ern­ment is push­ing for elec­tric vehi­cle sales.


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  • Michael S McGuire says:

    Be care full out there. There is a group called CNGCHAT.com They are scam artists!!! They have a forum to get peo­ple to buy prod­ucts from crooks. When you speak out about them they ban you. Watch out for lake­wood he must be get­ting a kick­back.

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